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3x12 // 5x17

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get us some drinks and keep your eyes peeled for oz, okay?

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In sync - 3x23

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Andrew: She was busy doing her due diligence, and she happened to bend over, directly in front of him. And his eyes were wandering.

Nathan: And she catches him.

Andrew: Well, she did it on purpose, so that he would; and she’s checking if that stuff’s working too, and it is. He minds his manners, but…we mitigated it for the broadcast, but there was…we were definitively touching the sexuality part of the relationship.

Nathan: I think this is the adult equivalent of passing a note that says “Do you like me, or like like me?”

(Andrew Marlowe and Nathan Fillion episode commentary)

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"He’s super funny, loves to make other people laugh. We have a great time working together." - Stana Katic

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Obviously reblogging for the fantastic fluorescent light fixture.

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Castle Parallel 5x03 -  4x13 . Hands

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